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California has the 7th richest economy in the world! Why don't all Californians have:
Universal Healthcare?
*A Livable Wage?
*Low-Cost Housing?
*Free Education Through College?


In 7th grade at Horace Mann Jr. High School in East San Diego, Janice Jordan supported a probable teacher's strike by staying out of class for one day. Since that first act of civil disobedience in 1977, Janice has continued to support issues affecting the working class and the communities of color, including police brutality, the right to organize unions, homelessness, and environmental racism. Working and organizing in the neighborhoods, communities, and schools should be a priority of every individual.


Janice Jordan (Corresponding Secretary for SD-P&F) arrested at the January 20th 2005 demonstrations in downtown San Diego.

"Everyone of us has a part to play, no part is too small or too big and no one is too old or too young to do something."


Over the years, Janice has either volunteered with or supported the work of community groups and organizations including: The American Indian Health Center, The Alliance for Survival, The Kevin Barry Artt Defense Committee, Irish American Unity Conference, Native American Rights Network, Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers, The San Diego Coalition to Stop the Execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal, The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, The San Diego Chapter of The California Coalition for Women Prisoners, The Committee Against Police Brutality, The Peace Resource Center, Desert Waves, The International Action Center, CopWatch-San Diego, the Old Women's Project and various Animal Rights Groups and Coalitions.

Currently, Janice supports the efforts of reparations for all of our African-American sisters and brothers who have survived the legacy left behind by slavery in our country. She calls for an immediate moratorium on the death penalty in the state of California. Janice also supports and is working on the unconditional release of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, and H. Rap Brown and thousands of others who have been unjustly abused and incarcerated by a racist, sexist, classist, and homophobic justice system. She also supports the unconditional freedom of political and social activists Sara Jane Olson and Marilyn Buck.

Janice received the Bob Marley Peace Award on behalf of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners at the WorldBeat Center's (WBC) black history month event, "An Evening with Jamaican Dub Poet Mutabaruka" in February 2002. Presented by WBC's, Executive Director Makeda Cheatom, Janice accepted the award for all sisters behind California's prison walls.

Janice and the Sagon Penn Chapter of Copwatch-San Diego are currently working on a Police Crime Documentary bringing attention to the unrestrained killings of unarmed individuals by people paid to "Protect and Serve"... Completion of the film is expected by Summer 2007. If you or someone you know has been affected by police crime, please call 619.475.8227 or 619.469.6614.

The local chapter of the Peace and Freedom Party is supporting the efforts of groups bringing awareness to the abuse of the trafficking of women and girls around the world. The Party has called for a boycott of radio stations that air vacation ads for Cancun. Cancun is a hotspot for the trafficking of young Mayan girls and boys. Please call Finest City Broadcasting including 92.5 and 91X and let them know you are not happy with their advertisement. The trafficking of women and girls is ranked number three in illegal worldwide profits behind drugs and arms sales. There are local, statewide, national and international groups that are working to bring an end to trafficking. Please check your local listing.

Janice accepted the Peace and Freedom Party's nomination for Governor for the 2006 election in the state of California. Although it was a rough campaign with little money, her platform spoke for thousands of Californians who have been ignored by politicians and lawmakers. Her next campaign is to unionize California's Chemical Depedency and Alcohol Treatment Counselors. For more information, please call 619.475.8227.




Activist Splitting the Sky with Janice at his speaking engagement in San Diego-May 2003.
Splitting the Sky's speaking engagement at the International Action Center Office in May 2003. (l to r) Amanda Perez, Theresa Azochar, Splitting the Sky, Brother Wali and Professor Pat Washington
Photo courtesy of Gloria Verdieu
Old Women's Project Anti-War Demonstration in downtown San Diego-Spring 2003
Micheal Navarro and Chance for San Diego City College's MEChA at October 22, 2002-Halls of InJustice. Photos of 22.Oct.2002 courtesy of Mark Conlan
Michel Madrigal from the San Diego Chapters of the Peace and Freedom Party and California Coalition for Women Prisoners-October 22, 2002
Activist from Youth Organizing Communities listen to speakers at the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality-October 22, 2002
Fighting Domestic Repression Conference in San Diego, April 2002
Dania Herrera from MEChA at Southwestern College at 10/22/01
Janice at October 22, 2001 - Police Brutality Protest at City Hall
Seriina Covarrubias - SDSU Peace & Justice Coalition at October 22, 2001
International Action Center banner at October 22, 2001-Police Brutality Protest
Janice with Professor Charles Toombs
Janice's Graduation - May 2001
Janice with Carl and Zola Muhammad at 9/22/01 Anti-War Protest
Angela Pesqueira, Alex Pierce and Abel Ashes at 9/22/01 Anti-War Protest
Shoshone Elder at the Federal Property Line
Janice at Nevada nuclear test site protest Mother's Day-May 2001
CCWP volunteers and Jordan for District 8 supporters Leilani Clark and Brit Neubacher at the Malcolm X Library
Janice at the San Diego People's Alternative Inauguration Rally, Jan 20, 2001
Instant Runoff Voting and Proportional Representation supporters meeting in County Board of Supervisor Greg Cox's office, January 2001. Left to right: Michel Madrigal, Peace and Freedom Party; Edward Teyssier, Vice-Chair of SD Libertarian Party; Janice Jordan, Peace and Freedom Party; and Lupita M. Jimenez, Green Party representative.
Janice speaks to protest the illegitimate inauguration of Mr. Bush, Jan 20, 2001 at the Malcolm X Library
Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade, Jan 13, 2001 Left to right: Michel Madrigal, Carl Muhammad (County Chair of the San Diego Peace & Freedom Party) and Janice Jordan
Janice with her mother at Shiprock in New Mexico. Summer 2000.
Janice with Cherry Mason at National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, October 22nd, 2000.
Janice at Gay Pride 1998 with the Worker's World contingent holding the StoneWall banner
Janice at Gay Pride 1998
Summer 1998 Homeless occupation of SD Community Concourse. L to R: Roger Scott, Larry Milligan, Janice and Shannon Gleeson
Janice and her daughter Jharae at the 1994 AIDS Walk in San Diego
Protest of 500th Anniversary of Columbus's
invasion; the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, October 1992. Janice with San Diego's Desert Waves.
Janice at a Human Rights Rally and Demonstration in San Francisco, 1991
Janice with her sister Aletia
Washington, DC 1973

Butoh 2005 - Honoring the spirits of the war dead