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Sisters from CCWP from both the North
County and San Diego Chapter performing at the Women In Theatre Conference in
New Orleans, LA-July 2007
(L to R) Janice, Dale, Toni and Araceli
Boxing Mural in West Belfast. Artist: Danny
Devenney-Completed Spring 2005
Boxing Mural in West Belfast.
Artist: Danny Devenney-Completed Spring 2005
Janice Jordan with Mural, Summer 2006
Bill Pierce of Radioactive Future, Mad Michael P & Janice at a Radioactive Future Art Opening at Caffeinds, May 2002
Art from the Art Miles
Mural Project
Bi-Racial/Bi-Cultural muralists
and facilitators
Bi-Racial/Bi-Cultural mural project
at the WorldBeat Center
W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Young Scholars,
San Diego, California
Project Work of Excellence Mural from Downtown San Diego
Junior Ambassador to the ArtMiles Mural Project, Jharae Jordan at Earth Day
Young Earth Day Muralists at the WorldBeat Center in Balboa Park
Mother's Day Gathering 2001 at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site
ArtWalk 2001 in Little Italy, San Diego, California
Ashley Arthur and friends at ArtWalk 2001 in Little Italy
San Diego's Paint the Bay 1997: Janice with Nationally recognized artist Jean Cornwell, working on a Cornwell original



Patricia and Patrick brough you into this world
you took yourself out.
Moments between are dreamstates and nightmares.
Kicking and screaming into Hollywood on 14 November 1968
you were destined to be a hell on wheels fighting for truth
and despising lies.

Hollywood, New Orleans, the Mississippi - M-I-crooked leter-
crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-
I; Jersey City and New York
Home become America's Finest City, or was that Plantation?

A decade ago, you and I met under the struggle of the
Tri Color's Troubles.
Funny a world away brought us together.
Kevin Barry Artt is now free and maybe you are too.

Belting out the blues with the spirits of Janis, Billie, and yes Tori.
You took to the stages and bartops of the WikiUp,
Joe 'N Andys, Scolaris and Claire's pouring your angels, devils,
witches and fairies into the mouths and minds of your captives.
Your poetry is as eloquent as your politics.
Debating Islam with the brothers,
demanding incarceration in the police state
and supporting the sisters inside-been there, done that.

Men came and left,
always leaving their mark.
You promised me no more relationships-just prose-that was our agreement.

Once Were Warriors you and I, now that belongs to our daughters.
Between our mistakes and the revolutions, I left one behind for the other,
trying to drag you along.
All you ever wanted was for someone to unconditionally love you,
not to be just another hole in the ground,
ironic that is where you'll be.

Yours a life of violation,
can anyone carry so much pain?

Your parents, that Beats' throwbacks.
Your sister, chaos brought you together.
And Asia, your peace of mind.
Babyghurl misses you, she has so much to tell you, please listen.

Know that your words carry your essence as Kerouac, Plath,
Blake and Angelou would have hoped.
People talk to fucking much Shannon, and you don't have
to listen to them anymore.

10 May 2005
The Day Shannon was put into the Ground