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Wellness: Fitness & Training
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Welcome to my new web page, "Wellness: Fitness & Training"!

Beginning with karate at the age of 10, reintroducing myself to contact sports at the age of 33 with wrestling, I now continue my love for training and staying fit with Boxing, Muay Thai and Pankratian. By no means am I a professional, but I am serious about eating healthy, staying positive and maintaining physical fitness! I eat raw food three days a week and am Vegan the other four. Yes!, I am an advocate for animal rights. I am also equally compassionate for healthy human opportunities, behaviors and practices, including access to organic, vegan and vegetarian food, environmentally safe neighborhoods and community parks and recreation centers.

Fitness is for everyone! It is important to begin a fitness and nutrition program under the direction of an experienced, educated and/or trained professional. Getting feedback and guidance is important for motivation and personal progress. Theories and ideas about fitness and nutrition vary and change as much as any other field or discipline. Get as much information as possible and discover what works for you! Stay away from fad diets and exercise methods. Give yourself 5-10 minutes for warm-up including jogging or jumping rope and the same amount of time for stretching. After your workout allow enough time for cool down and stretching. Always refer to your coach and/or trainer for guidance. Please note reading material (listed at the bottom of this webpage) that I have found useful over the years on the subjects of nutrition, fitness and training.

I train at both Undisputed in North Park and Knockout Fitness Club in Mission Valley-there are great instructors and support at both gyms. I am currently a student in the Fitness Program at San Diego City College. I teach Hiking and Fitness at Springfield College where I am an Adjunct Faculty Instructor; a great place to teach! There are many people to thank for encouraging and supporting my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing: Michael, Rob, Kru Mark, Jerry, Bazooka Deluca, Brodie, Scotty, Makeda, "War Machine", Professor Tracy Daly, Mr. Campbell, Starr, Jodie, Bob, Jan, my sister Aletia and my mother Marilyn.

Please monitor this website for the upcoming VEGETARIAN/VEGAN/RAW FOOD Festival in San Diego-
SUMMER 2008!

This page is dedicated to the trainers, athletes, nutritionists and teachers
who have influenced a life of wellness! - Janice Jordan

Seventh Season Ultimate Fighter Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver at San Diego's Undisputed Training Center. August 2007
Kru Boungnaphonh and his mother at Deth Ko Sin-February 2007
Professional MMA Fighter and Personal Trainer Brodie Farber-August 2006
MMA Fighter Michael "The Mad Scientist" Pratt at Knockout Fitness Club-May 2006
Janice with Michael and Semi-Pro Muay Thai Competitor Shane Sapp-April 2006
Janice training with U.S. Pankration Champion Josh Robinson at Knockout Fitness Club in Mission Valley-November 2005



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*Body Maintenance and Repair, Marilyn Moffat, PT, PhD, FAPTA
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